Save Your Money!

Refinancing your current mortgage or even taking a loan out on a free and clear property will allow you to customize how the benefits affect your mortgage. There are 3 types of refinancing, lowering the payment, changing the term or taking cash out. Thousands upon thousands of dollars can be saved by just making small changes.

  • Lowering your payment! – The most common type of refinancing is for clients to lower their monthly payment. If you have a higher rate than what the current market dictates, you can refinance your loan to a lower rate and save money monthly. You can lower the rate and reset back to your initial term, which will save you even more per month, or you can stay on the pace that you’re currently on and lower the rate without starting all over again!
  • Changing the Term! – Many clients will try to pay off their mortgage sooner because truly, no one likes to pay more interest than what they have to. If clients are trying to take advantage of a shorter term, they can set a monthly budget and we can find the right program and options. We can help tailor your mortgage to an individual term from 8 years up to 30 years!
  • Taking Cash Out – If a client has enough equity in their home, taking cash out, or also known as borrowing against the equity, can be a huge resource to help a client better their financial situation or simplify their life. You can do anything with the cash and this option has changed homeowners lives in amazing ways! Many clients use their equity to do home improvements or upgrades. Some consolidate their debt and remove the high interest rates. Others use their cash from anything to starting a business to making an investment or even taking a luxury vacation. The options are unlimited!

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