At Omega Lending Group, we will never allow you to over pay on your mortgage, so we will never present you retail pricing and costs. Working directly through a retail lender will cause you to greatly overpay on your mortgage and clearly no one wants to do that. We have access and have built strong relationships with a variety of lenders and banks and they provide us wholesale pricing. The reality is, many retail lenders that you know of, also have a wholesale side. You as a consumer though, have no access to the better deals and programs, but we do!

We will save you time, money, stress and any repetitive conversations because your knowledgeable and experienced individual mortgage broker, will be your direct contact from start to finish. We’re not a call center and you won’t have to go through multiple transfers, that lead you to multiple people, that provide different and conflicting answers. You will be a valued client, not a voice over the phone or some loan number that gets passed through a bureaucratic process.

The leadership team and mortgage brokers that are with Omega, are not new to the industry. They have previously proven their success, experience, knowledge and their abilities all prior to joining our team. The team members we put in place, have all been educated and trained by the best and have also worked with some of the largest banks and lenders in the country.

Working with us, you will find better and more loan programs, lower costs, lower rates, a system of support and care, attention to you as a client and an accelerated mortgage process. At Omega Lending Group, you will find the true experts and professionals that will take the time to make the difference. This is what you expect and that we demand from ourselves.

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