Real Estate Agent

Get excited, you’re on your way to finding a new home! Are you in need of a real estate Agent or do you have any questions in regards to real estate? If so, you’ve landed on the right page. Omega Lending Group is a wholesale mortgage broker, but we have built many relationships and connections in the industry. If you’re seeking guidance and help from a real estate Agent, we can recommend an individual that will be very helpful.

If your selling your current home and then buying a new home or just looking to purchase a new home, having a local expert is a huge priority in the process. Having the right Agent can greatly improve your experience and the overall process. The real estate Agents we know, are all licensed in Michigan and have a proven track record of success and experience.

When working with a knowledgeable real estate agent, they can help your buying or your selling power. A good Agent will help streamline the process and for all parties involved, it will create a more efficient and trusting relationship. Overall, we are here to assist you in anyway we can, even if that means guiding you in the right direction with other trusted professionals outside of Omega Lending Group.

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